App Documentation

Installation & Subscription

Install the desired app through the link on this page or through the app marketplace.
After the installation you have a 14-day free trial version available for your portal.
If you want to buy a subscription, you can click the link in the app settings.

You can get to the App Settings by clicking on the Settings Icon Settings Icon in the Hubspot menu bar, and then „Integrations„->“connected Apps„. Click on „Actions“ -> „Go to settings„.

App settings

After payment, you are redirected to a page where you need to enter the portal id of the HubSpot Portal you want this license to be associated with.

You can get the portal Id from the URL bar of your browser:

get portal id from url bar

App successfully subscribed

Clone deal CRM card & workflow action

Create a deal based workflow and add the Deal-Cloning Action.

This action allows you to name the cloned deal, utilizing deal tokens to either retain the original name or append a prefix or suffix. Additionally, you have the flexibility to assign a pipeline stage to the new deal. Furthermore, you can customize the action to maintain associations with contacts, companies, and line items. The line items are duplicated and linked to the new deal seamlessly.

clone deal workflow action view

Besides the workflow action, this app also provides a CRM Card visible in the deal capable of cloning the deal.

Clone deal action card view

By clicking it, the deal at hand gets cloned with all the associations and the same name with “(cloned)” as a suffix.


It takes about 5 minutes to process a 1000 requests. If it takes longer, please contact our support. 

Each cloning request produces about 5 HubSpot requests, depending on if you want to keep the associations or not. Please keep in mind that you have a daily limit of api requests for your Portal and that other apps may also consume some of these requests. 

Also when opening the workflow action, 2 HubSpot requests are produced to fetch the Deal Pipeline and Stages.

Sequential number workflow action

Set sequential number workflow action

Create a workflow based on deals, contacts, companies or tickets and add the “set sequential number” workflow action. 

Database name for storing column: This is an arbitrary value associated with the sequential number. This is the key we save your current number in our database. If you want to use the same number in an additional workflow, you can just set it to the same value. If you want to have multiple sequential numbers, just set this to different values.

Start counting from: This is the number where counting should start. For example if you want only 6-digit numbers, start counting from 100000.

Property to set the number to: Set this to the internal value of the property you want the number to be saved in. This has to be the internal value of the property of the object your workflow is based on.
You can get the internal value from your property settings.

Create Hubspot quote workflow action

Select the template you want to use for your Quotes. 

Enter a name for the quote, you can also use Deal tokens to personalize the name. 

Optionally you can set the comments to buyer or the purchase terms.

create quote workflow action

Create quote PDF workflow action

Create quote pdf workflow action

Enter the name of the folder in the file-manager (Marketing -> Files & templates -> File manager) where you want your pdfs to be saved in. If you have not created a folder yet, you can just type /yourfoldername in the workflow action, and the app will create the folde for you. 

Note Body: 
Optionally enter a body text for the note associated with the deal. You can use Deal tokens to personalize the body text, this will help you to find your note later when you use the op right search in HubSpot. 


You can only create quotes for deals which have an owner and that are published. You can use the „rotate owner“ action from Hubspot to assign an owner in the workflow before this action.