Our APPS ON the
hubspot Marketplace  

We have built a lot of useful apps and custom code solutions over the past years. Logically, we would like to make adjusted versions of them available to all HubSpot clients.

On this page, we collect our HubSpot Marketplace Apps and documentation.

Every app comes with a 14 day trial, free of charge, no credit card necessary, no forms to fill out, nothing – just peaceful testing, no strings attached. 

After 14 days, the app stops working, unless you subscribe to one of the available plans.  You can find the plan by going into your HubSpot Account -> Settings -> Integrations. Click on the name of the app to find the „subscribe“ button.

If you have any questions about the apps, or need customisations, please feel free to reach out: hello@baskey.eu 



This app allows you to clone Deals as a workflow action, including line items & selected associations. In addition, it gives you a CRM card in Deals that let’s you clone your Deal manually by clicking the „clone this deal“ button.



This app allows you to automatically create HubSpot quotes as a workflow action, using your standard & most custom HubSpot quote templates (selectable in the workflow action). This helps to automate your deal pipeline & sales process. 



This app allows you to set sequential numbers in HubSpot, for example count tickets, set client numbers for companies, invoice numbers for deals or invoices, attendee numbers for events and so on.



This app allows you to attach the generated PDF from a quote to a deal as note and safe the file in the a folder in the filemanager.
You can easily automate quote generation and use the files in a different application.

Need help?

Have a look at our documentation.


Can I test the baskey App for free?

Yes, you actually can. You can click the „install“ button in the HubSpot Market Place and will be able to use the app right away – no credit card, no payment necessary. This trial period will end after 14 days, after which the app stops working, unless you purchase one of the available subscriptions.

You can purchase the subscription by going into your HubSpot Account -> Settings -> Integrations. Here you can click on the Name of the app, and find the „Subscribe“ button. The payment will be done via Stripe & Credit Card. You will get an confirmation email with a pdf invoice.

If you have any questions or find something looks wrong at any stage, please reach out to us: hello@baskey.eu

I HAVE A GREAT APP IDEA – Can you build it?

Of course! well..let’s see, but if HubSpot lets us, we can at least try. Please reach out to us, we are always happy to talk about new ideas, partnerships, fixes and workarounds in the HubSpot universe: hello@baskey.eu