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Our Values

Our work is based on transparency and honesty. If we’re not the right consultants for your project, we’ll tell you right away. That is our no-bullshit policy.

The same goes for the freelancers we work with. We don’t make money for the hours others work on our projects. The same goes for our hiring process: Right from the start, we will be completely transparent on what we can pay you and what we think is adequate compensation. We want to work as partners – on an eye to eye level.

As two white men, we are aware of our role in supporting diversity and using our privilege to lift up others. We want our colleagues and clients to share those values. Your skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or weight does not matter to us and shouldn’t matter at any point in our work process. Neither to our clients nor our client’s clients.

Hence, we cannot talk the talk, without walking the walk 🙂 : As a Hubspot partner, we receive a 20% commission for every license sold. Every cent of that goes to projects we believe in. This year, we want to donate half of it to Pieta House, an Irish Mental health charity doing excellent work in combating suicide. We aim to donate the other to organisations combating racism and discrimination (coming soon).

Sustainability is more than planting a few trees. Also in the year of our foundation, 2021 we would like to neutralize our ecological footprint or compensate it by supporting appropriate projects.